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About Us

Pete DuMelle is a metaphysical healer, spiritualist and alternative health research.

He mixes his experience and knowledge of  spirituality ,metaphysical healing such as Energy work,  light ,and sound healing  practices with  his engineering   background and his work with medical devices to  combined  this knowledge and experience to create healing aids to help restore energy balance to your body. When our bodies are in balanced so is our life.  Each product is designed  from science and research along with  the intuitive guidance of the universe.  It is Pete’s  life mission to provide  people with  self-healing tools.  This can be done  during a one on one healing session or with one of the healing products.

We make no medical claims for our product  but feel free to view the research  page to view  studies  from NASA and other leading researchers using similar technology.

Love and light

Pete DuMelle