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Pete, this light bed is wonderful!  It's so much simpler and so much better than the original unit I trained on. It's design is genius! I can't believe the amount of detail you've put into it; from the chakra stickers, to the manual, to the case the light units sit in, the control box and even batteries.  I only have one vogel crystal right now with the rest coming soon, and had no trouble shrinking the rubber around the crystal. I've enclosed a photo for you to see how it looks. 

The light programs are all perfect.  I like the control I have over the speed.  It really makes it a complete healing unit.  With the different programs, I'm able to add a few things to my basic healing program so I'll be able to offer my clients a variety of healing options. 

It's obvious that you put a lot of love and many hours of work into perfecting this unit.  I can feel the spiritual connection you had when building it and I know this adds to the healing effectiveness of the unit. I can't thank you enough for this amazing crystal light bed.  You're forever in my prayers.
Love and light and crystal blessings.

Eileen Taylor