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Crystal Light Pyramid Kit

Each of our Crystal light Pyramids are hand made out of ¾ inch copper tubing larger tubing then other pyramids you will find.  The top of each pyramids capped with a 1inch quartz crystal sphere. This helps amplify and channels the energy to the pyramid.  With quarts you can also use it to set your intentions for your uses of the pyramid.  To create a beacon of light with in the pyramid an LED Color activator is used to light up the crystal and changing the color to each of the chakra colors.  Any size pyramid can have a positive impact with in you and your space. I have experimented and played with the sacred geometry of the pyramid, crystals and light we found this to be the best combination.  


We are now selling the kit  the kit has

4 corner 

1 top

1 Crystal

1 light

with instruction on lenth of tube for the size of Pyramid you would like 



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Price: $90.00